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Ben Sasse: Trump Is ‘Rotten To the Core’

Following the latest round of pardons by President Donald Trump, including Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and Charles Kushner (Jared Kushner’s father), Republican Senator Ben Sasse didn’t mince words.

Here’s what Sasse said in a statement: “This is rotten to the core.”

Meanwhile, it’s expected that Trump will grant more controversial pardons in the coming days.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Sen. Ben Sasse that Trump’s pardons are “rotten to the core”? Do you agree or disagree with the pardons of Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and Charles Kushner? If you agree with the pardons, who else would you like to see pardoned by Trump?


  1. Bill says:

    Sasse needs to go. Nothing but a self serving egotistical RINO hack. He represents all that is self defeating to the republican party.

  2. Jean Kimmerle says:

    The first thing we need is term limits since we can’t count on the people of the area of the rinos to read about all of the dirt that goes on in
    Washington because they have to work for a living. Second: we need to have our Senators and Congressmen meet with their people so that we can look them in the eye and ask them real questions. We need public records of their voting records. Sassie is just another assie who needs to have all of his personal records inspected, like how much does he get of our money. Let’s have the salaries and raises decided by the people. I am tired of them voting raises for themselves. Do you think any of them are going to vote against an increase. The people are paying their salaries so the people should decide on the increases. I am tired of my hard earned money going to other countries and such assinine programs as are in this bill. Also to build a wall in Jordan when some did not want a wall in our own country. My prayers every day are that the bad people in congress and the Senate will get what they give. That would be all of the punishment they need. As for sasse I have a strong feeling he is a “goner” when the next election arrives.

  3. Marcy says:

    Ben Sasse, I have been watching you for years and have come to the conclusion YOU are the reason the
    Senate is dysfunctional at times. So in ‘effect, YOU are the ‘ass’ of the Senate. Nebraskans are great, they deserve
    a great senator. Just not YOU Sasse.

  4. Helen N says:

    Why did he not comment when the demonrats released criminals and the bad elements of society from prison? Ben Sasse is one of those (demonrats) who is rotten to the core, not President Trump!

  5. Hans Munkwitz says:

    Sasse needs to look into a mirror to see who/what is rotten to the core! He is just another RINO testing the air to see which way the political winds are blowing. Keep checking his financial situation!

  6. Laura says:

    Ben Sasse is one of my senators in NE. I am so ashamed of him, and will never vote for him again. He needs to change parties, so we can get an honest Republican in office. My state is becoming more blue with every election. How do you know when true liberals are disguising themselves as conservatives. Hope these comments are sent his way.

  7. JOSEPH MONTE says:

    Ben Sasse is an attractive, intelligent, politician who lacks political skills, unless he intends to switch parties. His future with Trump supporters is destroyed. No Trump supporter would ever vote for this POS.

    President Trump has breathed life into the Repupublican Party. He and all Republicans were cheated out of this election, and it is unlikely that American will ever enjoy democracy again.

  8. TrumpMyPresidentForever says:


  9. Leslee says:

    I support President Trump. Ben Sasse does not deserve to represent Nebraskans and only got re-elected because we had to keep him in the Senate. It won’t happen again. Ben Sasse has political aspirations of becoming president of the United States and I don’t think that will ever happen. He might call himself a Republican but he walks and talks just like the Democrats do. Nebraska is a proud patriotic state and Ben Sasse will be part of the trash heap of history when his term is up.

  10. Barry Ingram says:


  11. Sharon says:

    No he is not right about Trump. Trump is the best President we have had since Reagan!! Ben Sasse should be voted out , and replaced with a real Republican👍

    • Guy Simpson says:

      Yes, another fake Republican/RHINO. POTUS Trump is the VERY BEST POTUS in my lifetime-just for attempting to clean up the Swamp/ Sewer that is DC !!! Of course the Sewer Rats don’t want to get a clean-up or a CLEAN OUT as they should!! They work for themselves and/or the demo RAT party of Sedition/Division.

  12. Hans Loren says:

    When will be throw them all out, these backstab bets, like Sasse, Romney, McConnel, Kasich, Christie, we started with removal of Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, now lets move to the rest of them. Many more who stay silent & pocket pork barrel money for themselves with phony Family Companies, created tax exempt for Charity, but only in their Pocket like Clinton Foundation & Biden Cancer Ch. Only hefty Salaries paid for Staff but nothing for Cancer research in the Name of his son Beau,all a Scam, so throw them out & next is Termlimit, no more lifelong Politicians who never worked a Job.

    • JJBob says:

      I spent a year in jungles for my Country. This guy is lame. I did not suffer there for this
      light weight. Can you see this deck there. Mommy, mommy!
      I am starting to see a pattern with jerks. I would like to see a requirement that to run for a Federal requirement. You can not be elected or run without serving in the Military or at least 3 years. And not the National Guard.
      I mean full time. RESPECT,RESPECT.

  13. Jim says:

    Trump paid back the democraps & Meuller for some of their witch hunting & SHAM impeachment by pardoning those who were wrongfully sentenced under the leftist pigs. I hope he pardons Snowden too & Assange. They did a service to the country by exposing the corruption that goes on behind our backs. Trump or his son will run in 2024, so don’t forget to get those voting machines made by Dominion put in the junk yard where they belong. Justice John Roberts is as corrupt as Adam SCHITT & Nadler combined. Pelosi is a traitor and should be hung by the balls in front of the Capital building.

  14. Michael Logan says:

    Grandstanding self-promoter.

  15. Bill says:

    This useless RINO needs to get over himself. The RNC should pull all support and proactively find an outstanding candidate to primary him. His non allegiance to the party is despicable.

  16. Kathy says:

    Sasse is an ass!

  17. Glenflacke says:

    Sasse you are stupid to the core

  18. Gail Banks says:

    Ben Sasse is an idiot. President Trump has every right to pardon whoever he pleases. President Trump, I believe, will go down in history as the best president ever. He has done more for this country than any previous president. And he did it all because he truly loves this country. Who else held this position and never took a salary?
    God bless President Trump.

  19. Lisa says:

    I didn’t see any senator lashing out at governors that were releasing rapists, murderers and child abusers. Were was the outrage then? These men only upset the balance of some officials lives and shame on them for doing so. They need to get their act together and decide what’s best for our nation. That’s what we pay them to do.

  20. bruce says:

    If he was quiet when Obama pardoned all the people he did. If he was quiet pardoning all the people Bush did, then he has no credibility now. It can be argued that some of these pardons are actually righting wrongs done to these people with a collusion hoax that was created by Haters of Trump who did this illegal scheme before he even took office. So shut up Sasse, your opinion is worthless.

  21. Patsy says:

    Ben Sasse is a moronic rhino coward just like 99% of the house and senate. All but a few corrupt idiots that will be judge by God one day and watch the worms cry and squeal then.

  22. Paul says:

    Sasse is a big time loser. He needs to go in the retirement warehouse for all thee leftest losers who want publicity and drum up stupid comments to force their agenda on us.Well here is a wake up call. Your out and Trump is in so get over it. Take yourself and the other with you and go to bed.

  23. Harold Gilbert says:

    another democrats in a republican suit, like Romy,

  24. CATHY LEE says:

    I hope when President Trumps win his lawsuits that he cleans house. You know there was fraud, treason, and espionage, with this election.

  25. CATHY LEE says:

    I have no use for Republicans that donot stand up for President Trump. He should be ashamed. HE IS A RINO TURNING ON HIS OWN PARTY.

  26. William S Graebe says:

    Ben Sasse is a total loser. My nephew managed his campaign in Nebraska and was promised a major position in DC if Sasse won the Senate race. He did and then fired everyone. He told them that he understands that they already had an experienced staff for him in DC. That “staff” is known as the DC Swamp. Sasse did not keep his promise and therefore cannot be trusted.

  27. Craig says:

    Sas is a RINO wimp, part of the swamp!!! Why would you expect anything less from a weak chump?! All those down ballot RINO’S are safe and confident in throwing the president under the bus!! They stand ready and proudly welcome back Ol swampy Jo!!! The swamp is back in tact safe and sound!! These bastards all need to feel our wrath in 22 and 24 truly make a statement, oh yeah I forgot they will just stop the count manipulate vote and say they 1 nothing to see here!! These people are the scum of the earth ruling decade after decade when does it stop? That day will be when a general Flynn type stands up and say’s let’s roll these crooks out!!! We are getting close to that if you couldn’t already tell. Sen Sissy my family’s fought for this country since the revolutionary war bubb and will never stop serving her!!! Who knows what lies ahead.. one thing is certain we are a republic and you represent us we the people, and if need be you can be overthrown!!!! God bless the president, God bless general Flynn, God bless the USA!!! PS good luck if ol creepy Jo and his fake doctor wife do get to the WH, address will read 1600 Pennsylvania AV newest CRACK HOUSE in the district!!! Have fun you and your crack pipe son, and we can’t leave out ol CORN POP!!!! Watching the country get flushed rite down the toilet.

  28. Barry Nikolitch says:

    Im really sick and tired of this indictment and inprisonment crap!! That taking OUR money and using it for their free room and board!! I thought that TREASON is STILL punishable by EXECUTION??? Fast and furious,6 ft under,then confiscate their personal assets!! End of story and them!! Thats how get the job done by putting some REAL fear in those low-life TRAITORS!!!

  29. Daniel Shea says:

    Ben sasse is rhino Republican after watching this rotten election take place what a coward sasse is him and Pat tomey another bum 74 million voters didn’t think so let this party keep making these statements and you will see where this party will be next corrupt election.

  30. Jaybo says:

    I hope Santa puts coal in all of the traitors stockings!

  31. randy holding says:

    boy when the shoe is on the other foot…..

  32. sue says:

    There’s a lot of rot in washington, maybe s”ass”e and the other republicans and the left are at Trump so much because they all have so many dirty little secrets and they’re afraid he might mess up all their little deals.

  33. Paul says:

    All I can say is ” just another RINO” How much us he getting paid for being one of Lenin’s “useful tools”

  34. Daniel Girdano says:

    So you say that Trump is no good do you remember when Obama pardoned a whole bunch of people most were convicts in jail some were violent criminals but that was okay right God forbid you’re an asshole.

  35. Jaybo says:

    Yeah! I wonder how many more Republican backstabbing traitors are going to do the same thing to our PRESIDENT TRUMP. We need a CHRISTMAS miracle to keep him for another 4 years.I think the president has an ace up his sleeve.A TRUMP card! Merry Christmas to all the Patriots out there and only to us!

  36. Floyd D Gross says:

    Sasse is a rhino,didn’t get his raise,things ain’t goin his way,& he is a sellout to china his love of money is the root of all evil!

  37. lute chute says:

    Ben Sasse should mind his own business until he is President and can make his choice of pardons. All Presidents have made questionable pardons but mainly because politics is dirty business. Bill Clinton & Obama gave pardons to personal criminal friends with non white collar crimes.
    The person who should receive a pardon is EDWARD SNOWDEN as Obama/Biden ran him out of the country for whitleblowing revealing that Obama/Biden were spying on ordinary citizens. Obama/biden should have been arrested then they could get a pardon for their crimes from a future president.

  38. Lula says:

    All leaders have and do release, forgive persons of question. Clinton and Obama released horrendous hoards, not just a few. Did you raise a red flag then?

  39. ee says:

    And just how many did obama release? I think it was around 1300 criminals. The pot should not call the kettle black…….

  40. Carlo says:

    Your family is “rotten to the core”, Jerk!!!

  41. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    He’s a paid attacker. A hack. A China owned closet leftist. HE SHOULD BE EXPELLED AND INDICTED. Expose this pedophile traitor to world.

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