Bad News For Trump’s GOP Rival

( – In a devastating development for Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump’s biggest 2024 GOP nomination rival, Florida’s governor seems to be losing the support of two key billionaire donors.

Both major GOP donors – Ken Griffin and Kelson Peltz – are cooling down their backing for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential candidacy because they are worried he has moved too much towards the far right, claims a report by The Financial Times.

According to FT’s sources described as “people familiar with their thinking, the two billionaire hedge fund managers have been repulsed by DeSantis’ “interventionist policies.”

Thus, Peltz is said to be concerned by the Florida governor’s stance on abortion.

At the same time, Griffin was reportedly ticked off by DeSantis’ conflict with woke corporation Disney and his “recent clampdown on teaching about gender and sexuality.”

“Mr. DeSantis, 44, was widely seen as the candidate best positioned to challenge Donald Trump for the Republican Party’s nomination for president. But recently, he has slumped in the polls and there are increasing doubts about the strategy behind his 2024 White House bid,” FT comments.

The UK-based newspaper points out that the DeSantis campaign would suffer substantially if his presidential bid is abandoned by Griffin and Peltz, who are some of Florida’s biggest taxpayers and were expected to lend massive support to his candidacy.

“As the presidential campaigns unfold, I am assessing how the policies of each candidate will strengthen our democracy,” Griffin told FT while refusing to comment on specific GOP candidates.

“I care deeply about individual rights and freedom, economic policies that encourage prosperity and upward mobility, children having access to a high-quality education, ensuring our communities are safe, and a strong national defense that secures the future of the United States and its allies,” he added.

Peltz, who lives in Palm Beach, Florida, not unlike former President Trump, declined to comment.

“Nelson Peltz thinks that most of DeSantis’ policies are acceptable, but his position on abortion is way too severe. That may undermine Peltz’s desire to financially support DeSantis as a candidate,” explained a source familiar with his thinking.

“The lack of vocal support from business figures once considered staunch supporters comes at a crucial time for Mr DeSantis,” the report concludes.