Arrested for Doing What?!

( – An employee of fast food giant Burger King has been arrested on accusations of serving customers French fries that she retrieved from a trash can, according to police.

The detained individual has been identified as 39-year-old Jaime Christine Major, an assistant manager of a Burger King restaurant in Union, South Carolina, a town of 8,500 people in the northwestern part of the state.

According to the Union Police Department, she allegedly took French fries that had been thrown out in the trash, added them to the container for freshly cooked fries, and then put more newly cooked fries on top, likely to cover up the discarded ones.

The bizarre case emerged after, on July 9, local police responded to a report of a disturbance in the Burger King venue, The New York Post reports citing Fox Carolina.

Officers found two women yelling and hurling abuse at the staff when they arrived at the scene.

The women didn’t follow the police orders to calm down, so they were nabbed and slapped with disorderly conduct charges, the department told the local Fox affiliate.

Then, on July 11, the regional Burger King headquarters contacted the Union police and informed them that Major had taken discarded fries from the trash, added them to the fry dump, and served them to customers.

After an investigation, the assistant manager of the Burger King restaurant was arrested and charged.

She faces one charge of “malicious tampering with human food,” which is a felony.

If the woman is convicted, she could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison, as per the legislation of the state of South Carolina.

A local judge set Major’s bond at $20,000, but it appears she hasn’t posted it, as she was reported to be still in custody at the Union County Detention Center as of Tuesday.

In a recent case of food tampering, an Arizona man was sentenced in November 2022 to seven years of supervised probation after a plea deal. He was found guilty of tampering with goods at multiple Target and Walgreens stores.