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Are US Senators Really This Stupid?

( – The editor of this publication,, has testified nine times before various House and Senate committees of the United States Congress. Over the years, the most frequent question friends have asked him is what surprised him the most about the process of testifying before a congressional committee. He always tells them that he was surprised – indeed shocked – at how stupid many of the questions were that the Representatives and Senators asked him.

Yesterday, a classic example of a U.S. Senator displaying his ignorance of an important subject – in this case, technology as it relates to Facebook and how Facebook’s technology is used to interact with children – took place during a congressional hearing as Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) was posing questions to crucial witnesses.

Blumenthal asked what to him probably seemed like a straightforward question of Antigone Davis, Facebook’s Head of Global Safety. The question was, “Will you commit to ending Finsta?” Fair enough. Even to most Americans, that might seem like a simple question about some technology or program operated by Facebook.

But, here’s the problem. Blumenthal, while trying to play gotcha with the witness and corner the witness into committing Facebook to do something that Blumenthal would then take political credit for, asked a nonsensical question demonstrating he didn’t know what he was talking about as the word “Finsta” is just slang kids use to refer to fake accounts they open on Facebook when they want to have more privacy.

Why is this a big deal? Because at a time when a majority of Americans are concerned about the power Big Tech wields and uses for global domination of media – both social and traditional – we have men and women in the House and Senate who have no idea how this technology works and therefore no ability to adequately assess the damage being done and fashion potential legislative solutions.

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