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AOC: ‘Reallocate Resources Away’ From the Police

Citizens of the United States can be forgiven if they become convinced that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) wants to defund and weaken police departments across the country and is intentionally ignoring the rise in crime that Americans have been experiencing when she is caught on video making statements like the ones she makes in the video below during a discussion about defunding the police.

Specifically, AOC – as she’s known – states (in the video below):

I do believe that we need to reallocate resources away [from the police]… And, by the way, I also think it’s important in context because we hear on the news and media – they perpetuate this idea of crime wave, crime wave, crime wave. And so this idea that a lot of us are panicked thinking that we are at some unprecedented level that we’ve never seen before.” [transcription and emphasis by Editor, DC Watchdog]

Please watch the video below and then share your thoughts and reaction by emailing [email protected]. Do you agree or disagree with AOC that “resources” should be reallocated away from the police and that crime is not as bad as the media makes it out to be?