Angering Millions, Biden Reverses Huge Trump Decision – In a move that has stirred controversy, President Joe Biden has reversed a decision by former President Donald Trump, angering millions of people. Biden decided to keep the US Space Command headquarters in Colorado instead of relocating it to Alabama, as Trump had planned.

This week Biden ordered that the US Space Command stay in Colorado Springs, Colorado, according to The Washington Times.

Former President Trump re-established the Space Command in 2019 after it was deactivated in 2002. Trump had planned to move it to Huntsville, Alabama.

The US Defense Department stated that Biden’s decision to keep the headquarters in Colorado – a decision that upset Alabama’s representatives in Congress – was the result of a “careful and systematic process.”

The Department explained that not moving the headquarters would avoid operational hold-ups and interruptions for the US Space Command.

The Government Accountability Office had given Huntsville high marks, but according to The Times, Biden’s military advisers had differing opinions about whether Huntsville or Colorado Springs was the better choice.

US Representative Dale Strong, a Republican from Alabama representing Huntsville, was very critical of Biden’s decision. He argued that the decision was politically motivated and “shameful.”

“Anyone who has looked at the facts knows that Huntsville, Alabama, is the best place for US Space Command headquarters. It is shameful that the Biden administration is ignoring what is best for our nation’s security and is instead using their ‘woke’ agenda to make this decision,” Strong stated to

It should be noted that Huntsville was chosen to host the Air Force’s US Space Command after a competitive process with 59 other cities. The top three picks were all located in “red” or Republican-leaning states – Alabama, Nebraska, and Texas.

The Times suggested that critics think Biden’s decision to keep the facility in a reliably Democratic state like Colorado might be a case of political favoritism.

Alabama’s Republican Senator, Tommy Tuberville, also criticized President Biden for his decision to keep the US Space Command in Colorado.

Senator Tuberville pointed out that the only thing that has changed since the selection process started under President Trump is the “political party of the sitting president.”

“Now, they are putting Space Command headquarters in a location that didn’t even make the top three [choices],” he noted.

This is not the first conflict between President Biden and Senator Tuberville. The senator has already been in a prolonged battle with the Biden administration after he protested a new Pentagon policy by blocking promotions for high-ranking military officers. The policy he protested covers travel costs for service members seeking abortions outside their home state.