Americans Say No More Trump versus Biden

( – According to a new poll, most American voters don’t want a 2024 presidential election that would repeat the 2020 contest between current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

According to the public opinion survey by CNN and SRSS, 59% of Democrats and left-leaning voters would rather see a Democratic Party presidential nominee whose name is not Joe Biden.

Across the aisle, in the Republican camp, 62% of the pro-GOP voters said they would prefer the Republican National Committee nomination to go to another candidate instead of POTUS 45 Donald Trump.

President Joe Biden is yet to announce whether he would seek reelection, with the latest reports saying he was about to launch his reelection campaign any week now.

After nearly two years of solid hints, former President Donald Trump announced his third presidential candidacy on November 15, a week after the midterm election.

The CNN poll discovered, however, that even though a Trump – Biden rematch would be an unwelcome scenario, most voters on both sides of the political divide are still prepared to vote for Trump or Biden, respectively, if those end up being the party nominees after the 2024 primaries.

The survey also found that 30% of pro-Republican voters would “probably” support Trump for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, while 36% of them would “definitely” back the 45th President of the United States in a general election.

Even so, the results from the CNN survey indicate that Trump’s popularity among his party’s voters slumped by 12 cumulative percentage points in its last three polls.

In the Democratic camp, 45% of the respondents said they would favor Joe Biden for the presidential nomination of Democratic National Committee, should the incumbent president decide to run for reelection.

The CNN/SRSS survey discovered that Biden remained the most popular potential Democratic presidential candidate.

Thus, Biden defeated his Vice President Kamala Harris and California’s Governor Gavin Newsom in potential one-on-one matchups.

The incumbent president’s favorability among Democrat voters was 83%, with 66% popularity for Harris and 45% for Newsom.

Other Democrat 2024 hopefuls scored results in the single digits: 5% for Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, 4% for Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders, and 2% for Massachusetts US Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Among Republican voters, both Donald Trump and Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis polled 38% as the first choice for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

The CNN/SRSS survey polled 1,208 adults from December 1-7 over the phone or in live online interviews, with a margin of error of 3.6 percentage points.