Americans Are Abandoning This City In Droves

Mayor Eric Adams

( – Americans are abandoning New York City in large numbers, leaving the Big Apple with fewer than 8.4 million residents, according to new US Census Bureau data.

The census data informs that, even though it remains the biggest city in the United States by a margin of several million, New York City has lost almost half a million residents in only a few years.

The freshly-released US Census Bureau figures show its population estimates for the middle of 2022.

According to the data, right at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York City had over 8.8 million people.

However, between then and July 2022, nearly half a million moved from NYC, resulting in a population loss of over 5%.

“Americans moving out of deep blue cities is widespread, the Census Bureau data shows,” Breitbart News comments in a report.

The second and third largest cities in the United States have also lost population during the abovementioned period.

Thus, Los Angeles, California, America’s second-largest city, lost about 100,000 residents – or 2.6% – down from 3.9 million in April 2020 to 3.8 million in July 2022.

At the same time, Chicago, Illinois, the third biggest city in the US, lost about 3%, or 85,000, of its 2.67 million residents.

The report stresses that the major factors driving Americans to move away from Democrat-run big cities include “crime and social unrest following racial riots.

However, real estate prices are also a leading driver, as, according to property site Redfin, there are only four big cities in the nation where home prices are lower than rent prices:

Detroit, Michigan; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Cleveland, Ohio; and Houston, Texas.

It is also noted that mass illegal and legal immigration to the US has led to housing price spikes, according to research.

Thus, the biggest cities – New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago – have declared themselves “sanctuary cities” violating federal immigration legislation.

As a result, they are flooded with migrants, which shoots up home prices and rents.

According to the latest US Census Bureau data, the fastest-growing cities in the US are Georgetown, Texas, Santa Cruz, California, Kyle, Texas, and Leander, Texas.

Each has seen its population spike by over 10% between April 2020 and July 2022.

Of the 15 fastest-growing US cities, nine are in the South, and six are in Texas.