ALERT: Psycho Who Tried To Kill Reagan Set Free

( – HAPPENING NOW: U.S. District Judge Paul Friedman has granted complete freedom to John Hinckley, the man who tried to kill President Ronald Reagan in 1981. Reagan was shot exiting the Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C., after giving a speech to the AFL-CIO.

Reagan was almost killed when a bullet ricocheted off his presidential limousine, striking him under his arm and entering his chest cavity.

White House Press Secretary James Brady, Secret Service Agent Tim McCarthy, and D.C. Police Officer Thomas Delahanty were also wounded by the six .22 caliber shots Hinckley fired from close range while standing with the press pool.

Brady sustained severe brain damage that left him permanently disabled. Brady’s death in 2014 was classified as a murder because of the Hinckley gunshot, although Hinckley wasn’t tried for Brady’s murder.

Hinckley was charged with trying to assassinate Reagan but was not found guilty because he was ruled insane. He was held in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital for decades. St. Elizabeth’s is a notorious psychiatric facility in Washington, DC.

Hinckley has lived full-time in Virginia since 2016, but there have been restrictions on his ability to go out from his home.

Today’s ruling will allow Hinckley to be free from any restrictions and live wherever he wants, beginning June 15.


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