ALERT: Mass Shooting at Punk Rock Concert

( – HAPPENING NOW: Authorities in Minneapolis are still searching for the individuals responsible for a mass shooting at a punk rock concert that resulted in seven people being shot, one of whom tragically lost his life.

The incident occurred in the 2200 block of 16th Avenue South.

Preliminary reports suggest that several adults were present at the Nudieland house venue when an individual approached from an alley and opened fire.

Quinn McClurg, an attendee at the concert, expressed shock, stating, “I can’t even conceptualize something like that happening at a punk show.”

McClurg added, “I was making sure all my friends are okay and making sure people are getting the help they needed.”

The culprits have since vanished.

During a news briefing, Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara said, “We believe one of the persons was being targeted by a shooter.” He further stated, “We know two suspects ran from the scene; we can’t confirm there were two shooters, though.”

The deceased victim was a man in his thirties. Another victim is in critical condition.

The case is currently under investigation by Minneapolis police.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner will provide the identification of the deceased and the official cause of death.