ALERT: House GOP Ready To Refer President Biden for Criminal Prosecution

( – HAPPENING NOW: In an earthshattering development, Republican members of the United States House of Representatives are indicating they are prepared to send “criminal referrals” to the United States Department of Justice when it comes to its investigation of business deals involving both Huner Biden and his father, President Joe Biden.

In a just-published report by the New York Post headlined, “House Republicans preparing to issue ‘criminal referrals’ in Hunter Biden probe“:

House Republicans preparing to launch a sprawling probe into the president’s involvement in his son Hunter’s business dealings say they are ready to throw the book at the Bidens — and are zeroing in on a shady China energy deal.

“‘If evidence justifies it, then we will have criminal referrals,’ Rep. James Comer told The Post during an exclusive interview at his Capitol Hill office this week.” [emphasis added]

Specifically, Comer believes President Joe Biden is implicated:

“Comer, the incoming chair of the House Oversight Committee, said the panel is particularly focused on a “potentially criminal” 2017 deal between Hudson West III — an LLC Hunter Biden managed and invested in — and CEFC, a Chinese energy behemoth looking to sell American liquified natural gas to China.

“‘What we have learned from interviews is it was more than that. It was also an effort to try to help China get their foot in the door to try to purchase drillers so they could start buying ownership into the infrastructure of our American energy industry,’ Comer told the Post…

“‘This is China trying to buy ownership into our American industry, which is a national security threat — and oh by the way it was being conducted by Joe Biden. That’s a problem and that’s why we’re concerned that this White House is compromised,’ Comer said.” [emphasis added]