‘Activists’ Want Trump Jr. Banned from THIS!?

Donald Trump, Jr.

(DCWatchdog.com) – A growing number of far-left “activists” are urging Australia’s government to prohibit Donald Trump Jr. from entering the country over fears that his rhetoric might embolden “neo-Nazis” and anti-LGBT groups.

Don Jr. is going on a speaking tour to the land down under organized by Turning Point Australia, a chapter of the conservative youth group Turning Point USA.

UK politician Nigel Farage and South Australian Senator Alex Antic will join former President Donald Trump’s eldest son.

“Donald Trump Jr and his family have been vocal about their hatred for the LGBTQ+ community throughout the years, with the former US President even banning qualified transgender people from serving in the military,” comments the Australian news outlet “Star Observer.”

The report points out that Don Jr.’s “past actions against the LGBTQ+ community include mocking transgendered people” by stating that there were “‘9,276 genders. I can’t list them all.'”

The publication adds that the former Republican US president’s son has been “attacking trans women in sports” because he argued allowing biological men to compete in women’s athletics was “a disservice to all the hardworking young women who have fought to get to where they are.”

It is noted further that Donald Trump Junior went after President Joe Biden’s Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg. He said Buttigieg was appointed because “he’s the gay guy, so we gotta give him something, let’s make him Transportation Secretary.”

As Donald Trump Jr.’s tour in Australia is coming closer, local leftists are organizing online petitions, while a group called Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF) will rally against it in Melbourne on July 11.

One of its activists, Omar Hassan, declared the event would protest against Trump Jr.’s “white supremacy, transphobia and misogyny.”

“Donald Trump Junior is a far-right agitator who spreads bigotry wherever he goes. His visit is likely to be a magnet for far-right and neo-Nazi groups across Melbourne, so we will be there in numbers to send the message that people here reject and despise everything they stand for,” Hassan said.

“Trump Junior is a prominent far-right spokesperson, famous for his aggressive racist and transphobic campaigning,” he added.