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Climate Change Threatens National Security?

In a dramatic shift from the Trump administration, the Biden administration has declared that “climate change” is a threat to the national security of the United States.


The Pentagon will now consider climate change when planning war games and will incorporate the issue into its future National Defense Strategy, according to a Wednesday announcement,” as reported by The Hill. [emphasis added]

“‘There is little about what the [Defense] Department does to defend the American people that is not affected by climate change. It is a national security issue, and we must treat it as such,’ Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in a statement.

“‘The Department will immediately take appropriate policy actions to prioritize climate change considerations in our activities and risk assessments, to mitigate this driver of insecurity.’

“Austin announced the change after President Biden earlier on Wednesday signed a series of executive orders aimed at addressing the climate crisis.

“The shift means the Department of Defense (DOD) will now ‘include the security implications of climate change in our risk analyses, strategy development, and planning guidance,’ according to Austin.”

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