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106 House Republicans Ask Supreme Court To Overturn Election

Breaking Now: 106 Republican congressmen from the U.S. House of Representatives have joined with President Trump and the State of Texas in asking the United States Supreme Court to overturn the Presidential Election.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as warranted.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree or disagree that the Supreme Court should overturn the Presidential Election?


  1. Bonnie says:

    How sad is it that Donald Trump legitimately won the presidency (and everyone knows it) yet the Supreme Court and the Republican Senate and the American people are going to let it happen. ALL of us will suffer under the Democrats, but I hope that those fools who voted for Biden and cheated for Biden suffer more. I hope they feel the absence of their former lives in America and regret its loss every minute of the day. Joe Biden won’t even remember them when he allows our way of life to disappear. Oh, by the way, start learning to speak Chinese.

  2. Kellie says:

    I pray that in the “very near” future many (more than a majority) senators will do the same.

  3. Greg White says:

    All Democrats should be put on the hill and shot like the squirrels they are.

    • Kellie Smith says:

      Shot! That’s too good for them and not nearly as entertaining enough for US. HANG THEM, overlooking Pennsylvania Ave. Or, (I am old enough to have watched a movie, long made before my time even, called “A Man Without A Country”. He was from England and found guilty of treason. His sentence was to be placed on a ship never to be allowed to leave it and walk on dry land anywhere ever again. He never had contact with his family again, he was not allowed to speak the word England or anything related to her and his burial was at sea. We have lots of ships and submarines even. In my mind these Democrats have committed treason. My question to all, would this punishment be satisfying to all likeminded as me?

  4. Tony Hood says:

    I firmly believe the election was rigged, and think it needs to be set aside. Wonder what will happen if the electoral college disagree and vote for President Trump anyway? Tired of this, election theft, and even the not so Supreme Court sitting on their hands because they do not wish to handle this hot potato. Doesn’t this give you confidence in the swamp? The least they can do is consider the ripples they are creating. No one will have confidence in the court, the people demanding to rewrite the Constitution to make it say as they wish. Appears the founding fathers didn’t foresee the crookedness of the government for the people…..naaa, for themselves.


  6. Walter johnson says:

    There is an old school statement that It is either The Ballot or the Bullet. Since the ballot no longer works we are down to bullet!!

  7. Joe Salcedo says:

    I am tired of the Democrats .. all of them should go to jail..

    • Kellie Smith says:

      Jail is too good for them. See my reply to Greg White as to punishment for treasonous acts.

      Harsh in Arkansas

  8. Sher Bash says:

    TRUMP won this election by a landslide!! If the supreme court fails the American People again and fail to follow our constitution and then I feel the American people will rise up and lock and load. The so called Elite ore nothing more than 50 years criminal politicians betraying our country for China and any other enemy that offers them a $$$$ bribe. The Clintons, Bushes, & Obama’s and the corrupt Bush CIa and Comey FBI must be held accountable, purged from our nation and exterminated for being the traitors they are. It will be the death of this nation if the LEftist /Corporate and Foreign criminals are allowed to continue their looting of our country, people and rights. Look to Venezuela to see the corruption and devastation they have caused on purpose as in every country the CIA rigs the elections and the Bankers loot the assets in exchange for forced loans of which they trade “fake worthless digital dollars for in exchange for real hard assets!! TALK ABOUT A SWINDLE!!

    • Helen says:

      I believe that the top ten democrats should all be put in jail. They are all laiers, they are not Christians for they wouldn’t be doing what their doing. All the democrats that have a brain know that the election was stolen big time but they are chicken to speak out. All I have say they will get their reward I due time. God see all.

  9. PJ says:

    Thank you dear Father in Heaven…you are answering our prayers! It has been a long haul but people are finally waking from their slumber. We all know President Trump won the election, it is just a shame that all Conservatives in Congress have not taken a stand and supported him.

  10. Lourdes Basilio says:

    I truly believe that Trump won this election because he did a lot for America and the American people. He is so loved. Just look at all the rallies. Thousands and thousands of people attended but with Biden you can count it with your fingers. This election results really has to be overturned.

  11. Charles E. Cravens says:

    I am still backing my President ,I was terrified that those commies were going to take us down a rat hole. God bless you Mr. Trump

  12. Eddie McCaslin says:

    I think that every republican in congress and in the senate must stand up for the President, he is why they got elected or re-elected. If they do not the Republican Party will be no more. There are way more than 75 million people that voted for Trump and if these cowards don’t defend him I don’t think there will be many people voting for any republicans anymore. It will be time for the new Trump
    Patriot Party. That’s if the patriot citizens in this country don’t just completely revolt because our so called government and Supreme Court failed to uphold the oath they all swore to. To uphold our constitution and our laws and not allow our country to be destroyed by these communist politicians and judges.

  13. Mark Ryabenkiy says:

    106 idiots

  14. Linda Wallinger says:

    It’s about time something is happening with this stolen Election! President Trump cares about the people of the United States. The Democrats only care about power and themselves. I pray they will go to Jail. It’s unacceptable! This Country will never be the same. Put our President Trump back in the White House NOW. Do your job.

    • portia wadsworthw says:

      Yeah, Linda and other Repubs in support of our “Trump Pres. Elect”

      A Biden Admin.will put our country in real jeopardy, igniting chaos and

      ultimitely an internal Civil War. 😟

  15. Anne says:

    I’m am so glad something is finally happening. This election has been a sham for all voters in this country.

  16. Bobby says:

    This should have been done at least a month ago. We all know this election was stolen,and it shouldn’t have gone on before people stood up for our President. He stood up for all of us ITS ABOUT TIME HES FINALLY GETTING THE SUPPORT HE DESERVES

  17. Steve beach says:

    It’s about time. Finally people waking up to the fact, if it’s not reversed, a civil war or severe unrest will follow.

  18. Jewel says:

    Biggest, coordinated fraud in American history. Praying the election will be overturned and these crazy crooks will get what they deserve. They deserve Hell! It’s still there and they are still going!!

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